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    Computer numerically controlled (CNC) lathe Prototype thru short run capability Repair of older equipment Metal Fabrication Certified welders fabricate light to medium gage weldments ISO 9001: 2008 certified machine shop in Milwaukee, Wi 4-axis Mitsubishi wire EDM machine Surface grinding, internal grinding and cylindrical (ID/OD) grinding services
    Machining and CNC Wisconsin

    Allis Tool & Machine

    Allis Tool & Machine is your one-stop shop for...

    • Prototyping and short run machining
    • Equipment rebuilding and repairs
    • Low volume large custom CNC machined

    Milwaukee’s Premier CNC Machine Shop

    Why Companies Choose Allis Tool & Machine Corp. for Large Machining Projects

    We are often asked what sets us apart from the hundreds of other jobs shops out there.  ANSWER: Agility, Responsiveness, and Access. Of course, Precision, Versatility, Reliability, and Excellent Customer Service help as well.

    We pride ourselves on perfectly executed production of the highest quality custom machined components and a breadth of professional precision machining services unrivaled by our competitors.

    With Wisconsin providing over 8% of total manufacturing in the USA, it is no wonder why companies from around the globe make Allis Tool & Machine Corp. in Milwaukee, WI their one-stop shop for the fabrication of finely crafted components weighing from a fraction of an ounce to 20,000 pounds.

    We offer elite craftsmanship and a host of value added services, including: assembly, JIT production, pickup & delivery, welding, and much more. JOB APPLICANTS CLICK HERE!

    A partnership with Allis Tool & Machine is a lifelong commitment to first rate production of any CNC precision machined parts.

    Custom Low Volume Large Machined Parts and Components

    Custom Machined Steel Part MilwaukeeYou name it, we machine it: common metals like aluminum, copper, alloy steels, cast iron or brass.

    Check out some of our custom machined parts to get sneak peek of our capabilities.

    Allis Tool & Machine Corp. is capable of producing heavy duty large metal products. Think wind turbines, components for construction equipment, shafts, or turbomachinery parts. Companies in the aerospace, oil & gas, mining, medical and food processing rely on consistent, reliable service and production to maximize profitability.

    Wondering who is best equipped to machine a custom metal part existing only on paper? We’ll build it. Our versatile fabrication abilities put us in a position to create parts other machining companies couldn’t dream of tackling.

    Precision CNC Services for Your Custom Application

    Frustration spills over and shipping costs snowball when your custom machined part gets bounced around multiple CNC machine shops. Trusting job shops with limited capabilities makes you vulnerable to losses in shipping, handling and repairs. Allis Tool & Machine Corp. is different. We do it all:

    Many customers come to us with an unfinished part another machine shop discovers is too big a bite for them to chew. Allis Tool & Machine takes big bites and chews vociferously. Our state-of-the-art CNC machine center is the envy of the industry, giving us the capability to pick up where other fabrication companies leave off.

    Our Milwaukee Large CNC Machining Shop's Capabilities

    Featuring advanced CNC machines, our temperature controlled machine shop is built for precision. Whether you’re in need of small volume production of large components or parts you can fit in the palm of your hand, we’ve got the tools to produce them—better than anyone else:

    • Several vertical and horizontal machining centers
    • Large lathe with live tooling capabilities
    • Large bridge with 90 degree capabilities
    • Welding
    • Grinding; surface, ID, OD
    • Assembly
    • Quality inspection / CMM
    • Multiple turning centers of varied turning diameter and length
    • 4 axis Wire EDM

    Allis Tool & Machine Corp has been assessed and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

    Our CNC machinists boast decades of collective experience operating hi-tech machinery with meticulous attention to detail. One visit to our machine shop, and you’ll know you’re in no better hands than Allis Tool & Machine Corp.

    Superior Processes, Superior Production

    Companies seeking nothing less than the very best in CNC machining from Milwaukee, WI and production of custom heavy metal components routinely contract Allis Tool & Machine Corp. Send us your CAD drawing(s) and begin a long-term partnership with Milwaukee’s finest precision machine shop.

    Contact our precision CNC team at Allis Tool today for a quote on high quality custom machined components.
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